10:10 Hour

The Vineyard

Facilitator: Pastor Marc

Learn about theology, the Bible, and spirituality along with mission opportunities


The Builders

Facilitator: Jay Dickey

Bible book study. 

Focuses on short book studies and community

Room 150


Facilitator: Mary Raulston

Open to all adults

Journey through the Bible and life. Each lesson is offered in a large print version for members. Open to all interested adults.

Room 113

Seeds of Faith


Combination of Bible study & contemporary issues discussion

Room 155

Simple Faith

Facilitator: Richard & Julie Klemm

The name Simple Faith comes from Richard’s focus to lead Christians to knowing that you do not have to have a degree to know and understand God's Word. The class begins with a short study on basic knowledge of the Bible and how, as Methodists, we need to capture this in our hearts and minds. He leads members to making it SIMPLE, yet STRONG.

Room 151


Facilitator: Nichol & Yvonne Monaghan

Study group growing through study & fellowship.

Room 124