5th Sunday Salute

On the months with 5 Sundays throughout the year, we fill our 5th Sunday Salute Thank You Boxes for the military personnel church members, relatives, and close friends. We would like first and foremost to encourage you to lift these military personnel in your prayers. The collection box will be in the SJA hallway for donation drop offs every 5th Sunday.

CLICK HERE to download a list of item suggestions.

Ideas for the boxes include:


-Trail mix without chocolate (including M&Ms)

-Playing cards

-Anything travel-size (toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.)


-Hard candy

-Individual packets of hot sauce from fast food restaurants

-Small cans of mandarin oranges/fruit cocktail with a pull lid

-Small packages of sunflower seeds


-Game books (Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.)

-Jars of peanut butter

-Snack packs of cheese and crackers

-iTunes gift cards

-Black socks (all cotton)

-Hand warmer packets


-Snacks (Twizzlers, Corn Nuts, Beef Jerky, Power Bars, Pringles, Nuts, etc.)


-Hot chocolate and other individual packets of drink mixes

-Safety razors