Backpacks for Kids

Contact if you have any questions about Backpacks for Kids or would like to participate.

This is an outreach ministry that addresses the issue of child hunger in our community. In Tarrant County 1 in 4 children struggles with hunger. Many of these children utilize the free and reduced cost school meal program as their main source of nutrition during the week. On the weekends, when the school meals are not provided, many children struggle with not having an adequate amount of nutritious food. St. John the Apostle, partnered with the Tarrant Area Food Bank, are working together to bridge this gap and provide food to these children over the weekends. Every Friday children who have been identified as being chronically hungry will be given a backpack of child-friendly nutritious food to take home and eat over the weekend. Volunteers help pick up these pre-packaged meals from the food bank and deliver them to the schools on Friday.